Personal Development Centre

This centre has been conceived as an answer to the actual evolution of the individual in the society, with the purpose of raising thehappiness level of every individual, and ultimately, of the society itself.

Starting from the idea that the way the individual acts and reacts is directly connected to the way he sees and perceives the world around him; the center creates a journey for the individual, one that pushes him to discover himself in ways that he has never yet experienced. The big amount of functions available refine the user, and are more than just a mirror for him – they become a source of inspiration and creativity.

The project itself blends in the environment, becoming a buffer space between the actual development ( that is in continual growth ) and the sensitive park which has developed by itself, by mother nature’s sheer will.

Only 5 km away from the capital’s 0 km, the chosen site has the advantage of standing right on the border of one of Bucharest’s largest parks – Vacaresti Natural Park. The center takes full advantage of the proximity with the park through the way in which the buildings were conceived and placed on the ground, through the views created and the way in which the whole proposal blends in the environment. The vegetation raises from the ground, and the different layers are interconnected through the living green walls.They also contribute to the inner climate of the buildings, acting as insulation during the summer for the heat and allowing the sun to come in during the winter ( due to the falling leaves ).