The building is located on a special site, right in the middle of a very important road of Bucharest ( one that connects the airports and the northern roads with the center of the city ). In this case, a high-rise building would become a landmark, would have an awesome view over the Herastrau Park, and would also attract the funds needed to be constructed.

Building Site

The nearby surroundings – the bridge, the crossing and the 3 tall buildings behind – have an influence over the volume, by giving it an  -like shape, and differentiating the height of the two sides. The building is visible from a further distance, and marks the roads of the crossing.

Green terraces and balconies are some of the features, among pool and spa at the top levels of the tower ( placed there for structural and estetic reasons – water helps stabilising the building against earthquakes )

The reception is equipped with seatings for up to 100 people, and it features an opening in the floor slabs, 13 levels high, naturally illuminated, along with an interior courtyard, that is accessible directly from the space and visible even from the entrance.